SOLO SHOW. “8” review.

As mentioned before I was not entirely happy with how it turned out.
Why was the show not as I expected it?
What could have been done different?
How has it impacted my practice afterwards?
Then and now?
Has there been much progress since?
Will it go in to the portfolio?
Things I have learned?

I overestimated the time that i had to prepare for the show, and i have been pointlessly trying to preserve the material from scratching, i focused too much on sketching and theorizing about it, when I should have assembled the objects earlier and were more ambitious with my ideas. I believe my performance was slightly affected,and the red color that crawled in to my work was a way of distracting myself from my problems, giving me more things to try out and sketch.

Instead of what i did I could have presented photographs and sculptures without the red vinyl. But i do not feel bad about it. I do not regret it as I have tried something new, and the Solo show happened.  
What could have been done differently to improve the quality of the show 8 ?
I wish i payed more attention to the small details – repainted the ceiling and the walls , made sure I had neat room. And also i wish I had the support that I was promised by the technicians.
In my Solo show proposal I have stated that I will be needing assistance with assembling of the objects and I would be interested in painting sections of the space in red.
Unfortunately I did not get any support few days prior to my show, my solo show was single handedly put up by me. It has been mentioned during my solo show that the space was crowded.
It was important for me to experiment with the placement of objects enough, rather than focusing on the amount of objects. The interplay of surfaces would have been enough if was presented with the right lighting and a space to breath. I have been focused to much on the size of the objects rather than it’s qualities and the appropriate lighting.
There should have been more light in my solo show.
Now it seems like I have not learned a single thing since my crit. After the crit i should have focused more on the appropriate lighting that would have enhanced it’s features. Such as shape, interactive element, video editing.
After that show I have been focused 100% on the photographs, and the compositions and placement of the objects and trying to explain it’s nature.
Now I am more confident in my work as I enjoy it a lot more, I do not doubt my decisions as much now as i used to because of those mistake that I have made. Any mistake is an experience.
I started a new piece and did more sketches, and focused on the refection on what i have saved or documented before. And I have made videos, organized a show and have been doing a lot of photo editing in Photoshop.I finished the layout and most areas of my website portfolio.
My solo show will definitely have it’s own folder on the website.
I have improved my photoshop skills ,i have learned how to work in Adobe premiere and Adobe after effects.